What is the purpose of self-appreciation?

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What is the purpose of self appreciation? I'm often asked, what is the purpose or the 'goal' of self-appreciation, as if appreciating ourselves wasn't a meaningful enough goal.   When I first started receiving my marching orders, "Appreciate yourself, there is nothing else in the world you need to do,"  It felt like a relief to focus [...]

What’s the difference between inspiration and activation?

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This week Robin Holland, a the member of my Wealth DNA community, asked me,  "I'm curious. What's the difference between inspiration and activation?" Robin is a luminary and a champion of the work of self-appreciation and she activates deep consciousness, just being in her presence can activate deeper awareness and understanding of your creative work [...]

What Are You Activating?

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Do you know what you activate in the world?  Most people have no idea how their presence activates the world around them.   I've been sharing this part of my work with a small group of luminary women who are doing the work of The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation.  Here is what one of the women [...]

How to Activate The Most Empowering Superpower In The Universe

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Have you ever wished you had access to some superhuman superpower that would make you all-powerful and aid you leaping tall buildings with a single bound, or simply overcome some mountainous obstacle in your life?   Well, the crazy truth is you do have the power to overcome obstacles and make massive change in your [...]

The First Law of The Universe is ORDER

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I appreciate myself for being awake and conscious enough to know that if I see chaos in my outerworld it must also be present in my inner world. I appreciate myself for the great amount of self-appreciation that supports me as I recognize it is within me without judging or trying to figure it out. I simply [...]

What is an Activation Statement?

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If you love affirmations and you enjoy the shifts they help you create in your life, you'll love Activations.  After posting a simple image post with an #Activation, I received some feedback and a few questions regarding the difference between the two.  I wanted to share that conversation with you... Here is a look at the [...]