Feeling Impatient Getting Your Work Out To The World?

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Getting Your Work Out I've been home from China for almost 2 weeks after traveling with my husband and our two youngest children.  I'm finally feeling like my luminary self again, back on my luminary path activating wealth and wisdom wherever I go. I'm enjoying a nice cool glass of water and I wanted to share some wisdom about [...]

3 Steps to Being a Luminary Mom

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Mothers are the most appreciated group of people in the world.  How do I know?  From 2000-2002, I surveyed over 4000 teenage girls and 50% of them voted for their mom as the most influential woman in all of history.   I wasn't surprised. Fast forward to today, and here I am the mother of 3 [...]

5 Appreciation Friday

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Here is a dose of "5-Appreciation Friday," a brief-ish list of what I'm appreciating this week. #5AppreciationFriday 1.  What I'm appreciating about myself - I am appreciating that I am diving into the work of self-appreciation around shame.  It's one of my life lessons according to my good friend and hand analyst Pamelah Landers (who I deeply appreciate as [...]

What You Are REALLY Up Against

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I'm currently participating in two group programs hosted by other luminary leaders.  One is an online group program to help me gain more clarity about my intuitive style.  The other is a live group program I chose to participate in to help me live a more creative life in terms of taking care of my health. [...]

5 Steps to Making Decisions in Business

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When you are made a decision to build a business you began a process of attraction.  Most people think that just because they made a decision to build a business, they will attract clients who want to throw money at them. Wishful thinking! What actually happens when you make a decision, is you begin to attract [...]

Are you the captain of your ship?

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The other day I received an email forwarded to me from a reader of 7 Keys to Freedom, The Ultimate Guide to Developing the Mind who lives in Bulgaria.   As a part of the pre-publication marketing surveys for the Bulgarian book release in September, the reader was asked to respond to the chapter I wrote [...]

April Fools Day… The Joke Is On You!

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What if April Fools Day is a day when the gates of heaven open up wide to make everything you speak on this day come true?   What if the only Fools on April Fools Day were those that didn't believe in the manifesting power of their words?   What would you speak into existence today?