Activating Freedom and Liberation In Unlikely Places

You want freedom, but are you ready to experience liberation? Imagine you are so triggered by someone that you just can't control how you feel when you are around them, or when you think of them, or when someone mentions their name.  Now imagine for a moment that this is all perfectly designed for your highest good. You want Freedom, [...]

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Appreciation and Gratitude are Different Vibrational States

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between appreciation vs gratitude? This week I started a brand new 30 Day Self-Appreciation Intensive with a group of 16 women.  It is perfect, and intimate and raw, and instead of focusing on gratitude we are all posting what we appreciate about ourselves on a secret private Facebook group.   We are going [...]

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The Possibility Of True Friendship

We can walk through portals of possibility for anything in our life.   In this post I want to share how my youngest daughter overcame some beliefs she had about what it means to be a friend, using a portal of possibility for True & Honest Friendship.   I learned a lot about the rules we make that prevent us [...]

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Portals Of Possibility

Yesterday, I had an intense day working with clients helping them walk through portals of possibility to help them get what they want.  This is a part of the abundance work I do, and it is so soul satisfying to me.   During the day I remembered a conversation I had with a potential client a few years ago.  He had deep [...]

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Wisdom Is The Way

Wisdom is the way.  I love the wisdom that can be found in everyday life.  I was having coffee at a local coffee shop, half working, and half eavesdropping when I heard a beautiful wisdom filled conversation between 2 women in their late 70's or early 80's.   I learned that one of the women was on her way to Sedona, [...]

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Shaming The Shamer

Short and sweet; shaming people for any reason is a form of emotional abuse. Shaming people to buy programs and products, or to sign up for coaching is not the luminary way of enrolling clients, or of enriching our tribes to step into their own power.  Never.     Here is a post I shared in my Activate Your DNA Superpowers group [...]

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