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What Is Self-Appreciation?

Self-appreciation is the practice of removing any judgment, doubt, and indecision about the value you are to the world.

When you appreciate yourself, you discover the many ways you add value to the world.   Being able to see your own value helps you understand just how much you are loved and supported by the universe.  And for us Luminaries who are out there sharing our light regularly and being activated by sharing our work, self-appreciation helps us stay grounded in our own garden of creation so we can discern opportunities from distractions much easier.

Self-Appreciation is the key to Ownership of your Luminary life.  It just helps you feel yourself solidly owning your work, your message, and your calling.

Discovering the value of yourself is the work of self-appreciation. You don’t see it all at once, however when you practice appreciating yourself daily, through writing, sharing with others how you appreciate yourself, you release all of the “should’s” in your life and you find your authentic desires. The law of desire sets in an you can’t help but grow with more ease and grace. You have more faith in your direction, a clearer mind, an open heart, and you become aware that everything you’ve been looking for is right there inside of you all the time.

I know I”m not the only Luminary coach and mentor who has gone through a lifetime of personal development, and professional growth only to realize, “Hey, I’m missing something!”

What I was missing was self-appreciation.

Self-appreciation helps you stop being overwhelmed by your big dreams and start taking daily action to achieve them.

Allow your life to be the highest expression of Divinity.  This is your soul’s purpose.

“The Work” of Self-Appreciation

I assure you there is nothing cute or nice about doing “the WORK” of Self-Appreciation.  In a world full of people searching outside of themselves for success, shifting from self-judgment, self-abuse, self-hatred, and self-sabotage to self-love and self-appreciation is like turning a massive ship around during a raging storm.    It can be intense at times, exhilarating at others, and in the end you emerge more of who you are designed to be.

Few people are brave enough to go there.  Few people trust in God, infinite Intelligence, Source, the Universe, whatever you want to call the relationship that lives between you and the life you live.  Few people trust that there is something deeply magical about themselves that lights up the world around them.  Few people understand their very own divine essence and are willing to allow themselves the luxury of being fully in partnership with Divine Love each and every moment of the day.

One of my clients told me, “I was afraid to do ‘the WORK’ because deep down I knew it was the key to unlocking my true power and I was afraid that I’d loose my husband, my family, and everything I love in life if I were that powerful.  I thought for sure I’d leave them behind.  You told me that appreciating myself would give other people permission to do the same in their lives and everyone would grow.  You said, we would either grow together or grow apart and that everyone would be blessed by the freedom to grow.  And that is true!  Doing ‘the WORK’ with you has changed everything in my life for the better.”

There is a story about how I became a champion for the work of Self-Appreciation, it is short and simple.  I asked my spiritual team (my guides) how I can convince my clients to stop struggling in their lives and in their businesses and the answer came, “You Can’t.  But here are 24 + ways to activate your DNA “Divine Natural Alignment.”   I grabbed a pen and opened my journal and began to take notes of the 24 ways to Activate DNA.  What I discovered was that everything from “look at your eyes in a mirror” to “visit sacred sites”  ended with “In a state of self-appreciation and without judgment or trying to figure it out.”

So I did what any Luminary coach would do, I trusted the message and I shared these codes.  A year before writing the page you are now reading, I started a small Facebook group and I invited other Luminaries to join me to do the work of self-appreciation.   Everyone in the group is in the top 1% and we are all doing luminary work, coaching, healing, and mentoring.   As everyone joined the group, and started sharing what they appreciate about themselves, it became very clear how HARD this work really is.  Those of us that are committed to the work of self-appreciation post regularly and we have collectively released so much BS about who we thought we should be.  We have discovered that the work of self-appreciation is the work of connecting more deeply and intimately to the Divine IN US and we are more and more willing to take ownership of who we really are.

Before The Work of Self-Appreciation

Before I did the work of self-appreciation I wasn’t as aware of the many ways I still lived in the garden of “Should’s.” Through the work of appreciating myself, I became aware of how I was living in the shadow of the expectations of my mentors, family and even friends.  Before the work of self-appreciation, I had done so much inner work with forgiveness, inner child work, tapping, abundance work, the law of attraction, going deeper into biblical teachings, and I had written books, coached and mentored other luminaries and 1%-ers to achieve amazing results.   Although I had done all the inner work that I thought I was supposed to do, I was still beating myself up for what I didn’t know, and for what I hadn’t accomplished yet.   I didn’t know how to be gentle with myself and I wasn’t aware of how hard I still was on myself until I committed to the work of self-appreciation.

The Only Work You Need To DO

The only work you need to do is appreciate yourself.   I started the work and make a commitment to write daily about what I appreciate about myself.  Very early on I noticed that when I’d post something about how much I appreciate my intuition or some other amazing skill or divine gift that I use daily, I’d hear my ego say, “That is just your Ego talking!”    This happened regularly and I actually appreciated the feedback.  It made me stop and reflect a bit deeper and really take spiritual ownership of what I was writing.  It was not easy, and it was so necessary.

In ALL of my years of learning, praying, growing, studying, mastering the mind, writing, then teaching, and training, and coaching, and speaking, and creating, NOTHING has made as big of an impact on my life than the work of self-appreciation. This is not just true for me, it is true for the other luminaries I’ve shared this sacred art of self-appreciation with.

You can’t own your greatness until you accept and appreciate yourself where you are.