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7 Keys to Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to Developing the Mind


START HERE:  If you feel stuck financially, find yourself procrastinating on your dreams, or just want to live more freely and abundantly in every area of your life, then you may need to give your “mental muscles” a workout.



Just as your body is equipped with physical muscles, your mind is equipped with “mental muscles”.   However, most of us are not aware that our thinking determines the circumstances in our lives. You need to strengthen your “mental muscles”-imagination, memory, reason, perception, intuition and will-to create a life full of passion and abundance.

The authors, an international mastermind team of coaches share anecdotes from their lives, the latest discoveries in neuroscience, and practical action steps. In 7 Keys to Freedom you’ll discover:

  How to turn your imagination into your greatest ally

  How to access the power of success hidden in your memory

  When to trust and follow your intuition

  The number one secret to success used by the world’s most powerful people

This is the “how-to” book on thinking for yourself. The ideas in it can help you enjoy an abundant and happy life.

“What you are about to read in this book is information that very few people understand. It’s information that, up to this time, has been exposed to only a very select few. The entirety of this book is dedicated to a subject that, when properly understood, can change your life, for the better, forever. It deals with the uniqueness of you! The authors share their individual and combined efforts … you will not only read, but also be privy to the age-old wisdom that has affected their lives. This wisdom is what they now openly share with you.”   Bob Proctor, Best-selling author and one of the living masters and teachers of the Law of Attraction


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