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Practice The Work of
The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation “SASA”

“The Work” of Self-Appreciation is sharing openly what you authentically appreciate about yourself with others.  Here are some options for doing “the work” Online, In Groups, and SASA Retreats:

Dip Your Toes In The Water On The SASA Facebook Page

My public page “The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation” is available and open for posting what you appreciate about yourself at any time.
Brag, celebrate, share, and get in alignment with what is.  This is a great place to go to dip your toes in the waters of self-appreciation without downing in it!   


heart-686794_1920Learn How To Swim In Online SASA Immersion Challenges and Groups

Share what you appreciate about yourself below. Three times a year I do a Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation Challenge during Mercury Retrograde. It is a great way for you to practice self-appreciation while being witnessed by others in a group.

main-room-square_final-600x450Activate Your DNA Superpowers & Connect With Divine Guidance During One or Two-Day Live SASA Retreats

If you want to be invited, or know anyone who might want to be invited, to any Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation (SASA) Immersion Classes in the future join my email community where I share when my next classes & live events are and how you can be invited.

If you want to connect to your activation code and your soul’s purpose,  consider scheduling an Activation Code Reading Session here.

background-218094_1280Take A Deep Dive In One Of My Luminary SASA Communities

By Invitation Only.

This is work for Luminaries who are committed to their highest calling and who have been actively doing the work of self-appreciation in one of my SASA immersion classes or 3 times a week on my SASA FB page. There is a level of privacy, and intimacy that is involved with doing the work at this level that is not for those that want to skim through life living on the surface of things.

Please feel free to set up a free SASA Discovery Session with me,  where we will discover what invisible fences you have that may be preventing you from doing the work of Self-Appreciation and manifesting with ease in every area of your life.  

if you have any questions, comments, or if you’d like to talk to me more about the work of Self-Appreciation, please fill out the contact form.

This the work I’m here to do and love helping other luminaries understand the benefits and the costs of not doing the work of self-appreciation.

Hoping all is well with you!

Much love and abundant success!