“Join Me . . .And I Will Personally Guide You To Discover “The Empire of Your Heart”, (Even If You Don’t Have A Clue What Your Offer is Yet!)

From: Dawn R Nocera

Columbus, OH

It used to be when you decided on your career path, things were really simple…

You got a job or started a business that provided the best salary and benefits.  You could be happy working your way up doing just about anything as long as you were getting paid and the benefits were “good.”

Today, jobs are scarce and people are no longer satisfied working to earn a living even if they are earning a ‘good’ living with a great income.  You want something more.  You may have thought of starting your own business, or changing the direction of your current business but are confused as to how to get started.  Worse yet… you may have researched starting a business or redefining your current business and find yourself stuck in the information vortex.  There is so much information out there teaching people how to market their business, set up websites, create videos, use social media, and I haven’t even mentioned maintaining your shopping cart, hiring help, or bookkeeping!

It’s no wonder people are struggling and don’t know where to start!

“Dawn values my uniqueness, she doesn’t try to fix or change, rather she hears and coaches to my greatness.  Each time I speak with Dawn, my world is bigger, I am clearer on my purpose and feel my value a little more, and I am inspired to go out and give the world more.”  – Megan Burkholder, Artist, Writer, Adventurer

If you haven’t defined what is you really want to do in the next stage of your journey, you may be putting the cart before the horse.  We are taught to expect that our increased knowledge about marketing, shopping cart management, websites, and social media will give us the advantage to create a solid business when we haven’t even defined what exactly that business is!

This leads to more confusion and more struggle, and diminishing self-confidence.  The opposite of what you really want!

Don’t waste another minute worrying if you’ll ever find your unique calling, or your heart’s desire.   I have wonderful news to share with you…

You Can Discover…

“The Empire Of Your Heart!”

How would your life be different if you were living the way you want to live, doing the thing you loved most, making a HUGE impact in this world AND making a substantial income!

Once this happens the income is secondary.  You are swimming in the enjoyment of your everyday life.  You will finally have realized your purpose in the world.  And life is so much easier than ever before!

This is what Empire Building is all about.  It’s a way to discover your true calling, your soul business, your heart’s desire and help you gain the foundational knowledge you need to give you direction and purpose to grow a business that is full of meaning, purpose, and profit.

Once your purpose is revealed the floodgates will open and a waterfall of opportunities will overflow into your life.  You will be caught up in a current of pure joy like you have never known.  Only now will you realize “This is what I have I been missing all of my life.”

Empire Building was designed to dig deep into your subconscious thoughts to uncover your hidden desires.

There is a proven way to learn the elusive piece of the puzzle that has worked for people just like you.  A way to conclusively, once and for all, unlock the deep mystery that has haunted you.  A way that can lead to the transformational breakthrough that you have wanted so desperately.  A way you can finally live the life of peace and tranquility that fulfills your very being.

Empire Building is a Journey Towards Awakening

“The Empire of Your Heart”

Are You Willing to Discover The Empire of Your Heart?

Q1:  Are You Willing to create the Empire You Were Born to Create?

Q2:  Are You Willing to Earn The Amount of Money You Need to Live the Life that You Want?

Q3:  Are You Willing to Learn How to Create Money Miracles in Your Business From Day One?

You Can Awaken
The Empire Of Your Heart

Hi, My name is Dawn R Nocera, I love to help entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs align with their natural assets and help them create an empire that profitably supports their purpose.  What I’ve found is that there are still a lot of people who would rather chase the next big idea than to tap into their hidden resources and build an authentic empire that grows with ease and grace.

Why is that?

They either don’t know building a business can be much easier than they are making it, or they are constantly searching outside of themselves to find the answer on how to make it easier.

The truth is, when you are doing what you were designed to do, doing the work is so much easier than you can imagine.  You are destined to create something that is uniquely YOU.

How do I know this?

Although my life purpose is to be visible and to help people discover and grow their inner and outer empire, I was stuck comparing myself and my business to other successful empire builders and I neglected sharing my authentic gifts.  When I wasn’t sharing myself authentically, my business declined, and when I returned to my truth and shared authentically I began once again to attract everything I needed to build my business.

During the empire building program, I’ll share more about my gifts and my journey, for now I want you to think about your gifts and your journey.  Who are you trying to be?  Are you basing your business on what you think is working for someone else?  How is it working for you?

I spent a lot of money and even more time in the pursuit of the answer to help me make a quantum leap in my business.  The truth is that in order to make a quantum leap in your business, you have to be 100% authentic.  You can’t grow rapidly if you are trying to be someone else, or compete with someone else.

When you are authentic in your business competition doesn’t exist because no one else on earth is exactly like you and no one can compete with being you.  When you get to this place in your business, you realize that it doesn’t matter if you are in the stationery business, health and fitness business, or a network marketing business, the only way to overcome the idea of competition is to eliminate it by being 100% you!

One of my unique gifts is that I can see the bigger, most authentic vision of your business well before most people are able to see it for themselves.  Yes, some of my clients even call me clairvoyant!  I can also hear when you are aligned with your truth or when you are not.  So as you get clear on the business you are designed to build, I can tell if you are in alignment with your divine plan or not.   And I can also sense when you are sabotaging your efforts by making it too complicated!  You will have the opportunity to experience this for yourself at the live event!

You see, I’ve been there!

I have a long history of being a “Complicatrix.” A “Complicatrix” is a person who makes things confusing, or more difficult than they have to be so they don’t have to step into their divine purpose.  I know from experience, simple is always better than complicated.  When we try to make things difficult, we are doing a lot of stalling, a lot of putting off doing the very thing that will quantum leap our business.

From one entrepreneur to another, building the Empire of Your Heart is so much easier than you think!

We just need to stick to the truth and that truth will set us free.

The truth is…

  • You were designed to live an extraordinary life.
  • You were designed to give and serve in a way that is unique to you.
  • You were designed with unique gifts that add more life to those you serve.
  • You were born with an abundance of authentic wealth!
  • Here is another secret truth… You are never out of alignment with your purpose, everything that has ever happened to you, every event and every challenge that you have faced has been a part of a larger plan for your life.  It all matters.
  • You Matter!

If You Are Ready And Willing To Discover Your Inner Empire And Step Into The Light Of Your Divine Purpose,  I’d Like To Invite You to Join me for 6 weeks of Empire Building to Help You Tap Into Your Hidden Desires and Motivations that Will Aid you in Finding Your Manifesting Sweet Spot for Creating The Empire of Your Heart with Ease and Joy.

In this 6 week online program you will experience transformation through action…

Your First Transformation

  • Clear your mind of all the money making ideas that are cluttering your mind and preventing you from actually attracting wealth with ease and grace.
  • Connect with your unique essence.
  • Get the information that is inside of you OUT so you can start building the Empire & the Life of Your Dreams!
  • Connect with your unique gifts that will help you attract the people you were meant to serve.
  • Get clear on how your empire will serve you.

Your Second Transformation

  • Discover Your Highest Value Offer 
  • Discover your easy and effortless path to building an empire that supports your purpose and generates authentic and financial wealth.
  • Uncover hidden fences that may be standing between you and the empire of your heart.

Your Third Transformation

  • Create a client attraction plan.
  • Prepare to profit with ease and grace.
  • Get comfortable selling what you have to offer.

Your Forth Transformation

  • Learn to master the Art of Inspired Action
  • Design your perfect environment to support your sales success. 
  • Create a plan for listening and acting on your Intuition 

Your Fifth Transformation

  • Create a sustainable relationship with your business and your results.
  • Discover what is important and what is a distraction.
  • Tap into your personal plan for success.
  • Transmute the energy of failure into the energy of success

Your Sixth Transformation

  • Discover your fastest path to the receiving the resources, profits, and help you need to sustain your growth without stressing over the details.
  • Engage mastermind partners and JVs to help you grow and expand your business.
  • Learn the art of recycling what works and eliminating what doesn’t

Your Seventh Transformation

  • Recall and claim your transformation.
  • Live (virtual) mastermind for momentum via Google Hangouts
  • Receive live feedback to help you see your opportunities.
  • Take inspired action during the Live Mastermind Event.
  • Receive immediate feedback and support from other member of the live mastermind event.

How Do I Know If Empire Building Is For Me?

Are You Overwhelmed by Information?

If you are saturated with information about marketing, the law of attraction, and social media and you are ready to STOP looking for the next big thing and discover what YOU REALLY WANT to do with your life and begin to take action NOW, then you’re perfect for Empire Building!

Are You In a Business that You Don’t Want to Be in Anymore?

If you are in a business that no longer gives you the freedom or lifestyle you long for or you have lost the passion for what you do, Empire Building can help you discover the inner empire that fits who you are now and where you want to go in life.  You might be surprised and discover the change you make may be a simple 3% change that changes everything!

Are You Looking for An Additional Source of Income?

Whether you are new in business or want to add an additional income stream, Empire Building is what you need to help you tap into your hidden reservoirs of authentic wealth and attract everything you need to build your business with ease and grace.

Are You Tired of Thinking About What You Are Going to Be When You Grow Up?

We can make ourselves crazy thinking about the possibilities and not choosing where we really want to go.  Empire Building will help you learn how to make decisions so you’ll never questions, “Is this for me, or is it just a fantasy?”

Want to Align Your Thoughts With Abundance and Truth?

One of the biggest obstacles to profiting from building your empire is not having your mind set to abundance and truth.  Empire Building is about aligning you with the truth of your being and the truth of a prosperous business.  The truth is there is abundance for all and it exists for you and those you serve.  Empire building is designed to help you clear the clutter in your mind so you can act on your divine ideas and prosper!

This is the time to really get clear on
where you really want to be in a year from now!

    You can transform your life by building the empire of your heart.

    You can reward your people for being with you from day one and thank them for being part of the journey from the very beginning

    You can charge enough for your products and services to fund your lifestyle, your goals and your dreams without charging so much that it turns people away.
    You can have confident conversations that inspire growth in any sales situation.
    You can confidently market your products and services in a way that excites you to share your market.
    You can create offers inspire you and your clients to receive the transformation you so authentically desire.

Interested In Transformational Coaching With Dawn?

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