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Maverick Leadership Workshop
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The Motivation Behind
The Different Leadership Styles

Bureaucratic” “Motivated By Procedures, rules, and systems.

Authoritative”  “The Most Important Thing:” Obedience to the authority.

Innovative” “Is driven by”  New ideas and innovation!

Pacesetting” “Is driven by” Productivity & efficiency!

Democratic” “Seeks” Contribution of individuals.

Sovereign*” “Is Motivated By ” Royal power, status, and perception.

Affiliative” “Is Motivated By The wellbeing of the team.

Coaching ” “Is Motivated By The success of the individuals.

Altruistic” “Is focused on” The wellbeing of the least represented individuals.

Visionary” “Seeks to fulfill” The vision of the leader.

Luminary* “”Is focused on ” The path or the way.

Maverick* “”Seeks ” Freedom for self, then others.

Grail Leader*””Seeks Co-Creation and  Integration of the masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, leadership styles, and the flow of nature.

A Grail Leader is a leader who comes together with other Grail Leaders around a round table with a shared vision of an outcome that betters the world in a meaningful way.