Hello! Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of our abundant community of Empire Builders.  As an Empire Builder a part of your life purpose is to discover and grow an empire that is unique to you.

Here’s your 3 step checklist to get you started :

       ✓ Step 1 –  Set Your Intention!

       ✓ Step 2 –   Listen to the interview below AND download my Empire Building Discovery Guide to help you get clear on the opportunities for growth in your business.

Print the image so you know where you are on your luminary path.

       ✓ Step 3 –  Visit the private Google Plus Group and ask to join then engage in the conversation.

Here is a bonus audio interview that explains more about group programs and Empire Building. Enjoy!

(If you don’t see it yet, it’s because it is slow to load and you must be a speed reader!)

I know you’ll find valuable information to help you grow abundantly in business and in life.  

Much Love & Abundant Success,
Dawn R Nocera, USA
Mastermind & Mindset Mentor
International Author of “Intuition” and “Will”
in 7 Keys to Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to Developing The Mind and
creator of 7 Keys to Financial Freedom: Awakening the Mind to Money