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Hello! Thank you so much for choosing to be a part of our abundant community of Luminary Empire Builders.  As an lumianry a part of your life purpose is to discover and grow your inner empire; and manifest an outer empire, the empire you were born to create.

The very first step before you can grow the Empire of your heart, you have to nurture the garden of your heart.  That is where the 12 Seeds of Wealth coaching program comes in.

I’ve been teaching this material for a few years and coaching clients how to manifest each of the 12 Seeds so they can live fully manifested lives.

What does it mean to be fully manifested?  It means that you know who you are and where you are going and you have the right tools to reinvent yourself when ever you want!

It means that you are deeply connected to yourself and you own your value fully.

After 20 years of study,  10 years of meditation, and 5 years of inspiration, I’m completely thrilled to teach and mentor other coaches how to help their clients, their children, and the people they love live fully manifested lives.

The coaches training consists of going through my 12 Seeds Program in a 12 week period of time and then facilitating mastermind groups around the 12 seeds so you can learn and hear the problems and struggles that people have as they move through the material.   Once you have gone through both the class on your own and as a group facilitator, you will then have the opportunity to go through private coaching and apprenticeship with me to help you fully integrate the 12 seeds into your being.  You can go through this program at your own pace and there is no obligation to move to the next level unless you want me to hold you accountable for your desire to become a 12 Seeds of Wealth Mastery coach.  

Much Love & Abundant Success,
Dawn R Nocera, USA
Mastermind & Mindset Mentor
International Author of “Intuition” and “Will”
in 7 Keys to Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to Developing The Mind and
creator of 7 Keys to Financial Freedom: Awakening the Mind to Money

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