“Dawn is The Secret. When I met Dawn, calmness was brought to my very dramatic situation. While I was filming Dawn and Alex for MTV’s MADE, she helped remind me to think clearly and positively. Her energy is contagious.” –Jill, Producer for MTV, New York

I’ve met many life coaches, Dawn Nocera is the real deal. Her on-going guidance has put me on the fast track. She changes my thinking, she’ll positively change yours.
– Darren LaCroix, Professional Speaker Coach, World Champion of Public Speaking, Nevada

“Dawn values my uniqueness, she doesn’t try to fix or change, rather she hears and coaches to my greatness.  Each time I speak with Dawn, my world is bigger, I am clearer on my purpose and feel my value a little more, and I am inspired to go out and give the world more.”
– Megan Burkholder, Artist, Writer, Adventurer, Ohio

“I giggle every time I think back on the conversations we had where you were encouraging me to consider coaching/consulting/teaching and I would say, “I don’t know what I could possibly say to them or who would want to hear it.”  I now have an email list of 1,000 subscribers to my weekly newsletter, nearly 50 people enrolled in my Wedding Marketing Blueprint program, and 50+ people attended each of the 3 workshops in New York.  Oh, my, how far I’ve come!” 
– Holly Bretschneider, Wedding Marketing Blueprint, North Carolina

“I recently changed the focus of what I do in my business quite dramatically. I am an author with a book about transformation and my business is now involving videography in helping solo preneurs showcase their expertise online. That’s a big change right. Even though my business was successful I was feeling a little disconnected from my true passion.  That was until I spent some time with Dawn Nocera.  She helped me see how all the pieces of who I am are at play in my current business. It was such an aha moment for me and really not that big of a shift in my perception, but I don’t know that I would have realized it on my own.  I am so grateful to Dawn Nocera for sharing her gift with me.   I’m creating new products living my passions every day thanks to Dawn.”
-Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing, Ohio 

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