DawnReneeThis page was inspired by a post on G+ which my response became too long for a post so I decided to create a page to share the story of my name.

The story of my name started months before I was born, how long, I can’t be sure.  However my mother when discovering she was pregnant went to work to find the perfect name for her first born child.  After some time and deliberation, my mom decided on the name Danielle, which she thought was the perfect name for a daughter.  She secretly, or maybe not so secretly wished for a son, however she would be very happy naming her daughter Danielle and calling her “Danny.”  The name Danielle was chosen for it’s nickname more than for the name itself.

So when my mother went to the hospital to give birth to her first child in 1969, she was ready to give birth to Danielle.

It is hard to set the stage for what came next, because there was no foreshadowing that would lead anyone to believe that my name should be anything other than Danielle.  What happened can only be explained as divine intervention, synchronicity of events, or high strangeness.

One moment my mother was sitting in the hospital bed and she knew my name was going to be Danielle,  and in a flash her younger sister came in the room excited that she had come up with the perfect name for the new baby.  And in the very same moment that my aunt said the words, “Dawn Renée” my mother heard the exact same words come out of her own mouth, “Dawn Renée.”    The strangeness left them without words, but they both knew without a doubt that my name was most certainly not, Danielle, but my name was Dawn Renée.

(Self-Coaching Note:  Know the story of your birth, romanticize it as much as you can.  Honor your birth story as a very sacred and powerful part of your life story.)

Neither my mom or my aunt had any idea what the meaning of my name was, or if they did, they didn’t share the meaning with me.

Since my birth, I’ve studied myself from every angle possible.

My human name is Dawn Renee, the one who is blessed by waking up each day being born again.  So each day, I have to remind myself who I am.  And I can’t even begin to go into my last name.  It belongs to my husband and his family and the more you learn about it the more you discover the mystery behind it.  And the magic in remembering who I am and the meaning of my name allows me to easily and effortless create the environment for that same rebirth awakening for others and my personal expansion becomes a ripple in humanity’s expansion.  (How awesome is that!)   I believe the same is true for everyone.  The magic you bring to others may be hidden in your name.

There are real reasons why people hid their names in the past, fear that they would be “exposed” and their magical hidden lives would be revealed.

Today, we have to really announce who we are and spell it out for people because the meaning and power in names is no longer common knowledge.

Sciences(yes science) like numerology that clearly reveal the vibration a name carries with it are not taken seriously.  The truth and power of adding a single letter to your name can go unnoticed unless you share the meaning with others and share your truth.  Having a powerful (vibrationally expansive) name and not honoring the commitment to expand and grow internally, can lead to crisis of meaning.

Sharing this with you, is how I am taking ownership of the beauty and power of my name that activates rebirth and awakening.

I’d love to hear about your birth story and your name.  It is powerful.  It is you.

Celebrate who you are.