The Sacred Art of Self Appreciation [SASA]


“Have faith in the process and bring it into form…”

Hello, Activated Maverick!

Inspiration moved me to write this note to everyone who has gone through the Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation(SASA) with me at anytime over the past 5 years to let you know what is next for the work of Self-Appreciation.   (Can you believe it has been that long!?)

I’m inspired to begin a 3 month leader training to help Maverick coaches, healers, and leaders implement Self-Appreciation in their group coaching and membership programs (more on that below.)

When I was thinking about the past 5 years and how to write this to you I sat down, took a deep breath, and then… asked for more Guidance about what to write and how to share my new program with you.  I reached for my Sacred Rebels oracle deck.

I pulled two cards:

I love this deck and how potently they speak truth to me!

I’m having faith in the process and I’m bringing both this email and the new Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation Leader Training into form.  

SASA Leader Training has a very specific purpose, and it is to help leaders of coaching and membership programs implement Self-Appreciation in their groups.  

I am having “faith in the process” and bringing it into form.  

A portion of the “Faith in the Process” card reads:

“Sometimes a bigger plan needs to manifest for the benefit of humanity and the earth.  You need to shift your perspective to realize that you are part of the greater unfoldment of life, that your individual life serves the greater plan and you’re not separate from it’s genius.   This is what is happening now. You happen to be instrumental to the greater plan and as such you need to accept your position and be moved while also being empowered and protected as you make personal progress through your role in the grander scheme. …

…Ironically it is through complete surrender in total faith that we become the most empowered.  When we are no longer trying to impede the perfection of the greater plan we can be aligned with and moved by the process.”  

I believe that everyone who is touched by doing the work of Self-Appreciation is a part of this greater plan.  Self-Appreciation has a Life Force of its own and I own my calling of helping others appreciate themselves and experience the expansion, growth, and empowerment that comes from actually doing the work.  

I like having faith in the process, I do it well.  I’m not always so good with the “complete surrender” part.  Surrender to me often feels like I’m holding on for my dear life and grasping hard for some sort of safety bar, while I speed wildly towards an unknown destination.  The more my Guidance directs me towards Self-Appreciation, Maverick Leadership and reading Activation Codes the more uncertain I feel about where I’m going. There is no map for us as we are following a calling.  But I keep leaning into the call. I keep showing up and sharing “what’s next.” It is what we do as Maverick Leaders, we follow the impulse, the nudge, and the inspiration that moves us and we lean in.

Here are the details about The Sacred Art of Self Appreciation [SASA] Leader Training:

The 3 month SA Leader Training will start the first week of June.

  • Twice a month training via zoom, recordings will be made available.   
  • Dates for the training are June 3 & 17, July 1 & 22, August 5 & 19.  
  • Tentatives times for the training will either be 11 am or 7:30 pm Eastern Time.
  1. The Work of Self-Appreciation:  Helping your group discover the difference between Gratitude and Self-Appreciation and the power of bragging and being witnessed.
  2. Overcoming Obstacles:  Helping your group overcome the obstacles it takes to actually do the work of self-appreciation in order to move through your coaching program with more awareness and less resistance.
  3. Going Deeper:  Demonstrating the power of authentic self-appreciation within your groups through story sharing and tangible results.
  4. Rampage of Self-Appreciation: Taking self-appreciation to the next level with your group by helping them own their progress and appreciating their relationship with the results of your program.
  5. Implementing The Work:  Implementing self-appreciation into your groups.
  6. Q & A and Success Share Session:  Ask questions about anything related to the work of self-appreciation and helping your groups get the results that they want (and that you promise), and share your personal and group successes.

Support Calls with Me:

  1. Introductory Activation Code Call:  To review your group or membership program, and to discuss your Activation Code and how important your energy is to support your clients through your group program.  (60-90 minutes)
  2. One “Anytime” Scheduled Support Call:  anytime between the first and final training sessions.  (30-60 minutes)
  3. Completion Call:   This is your opportunity to take ownership of being a Certified SASA Leader.  Ask questions, share your experience of my leadership and the program itself, and tie up any emotional loose ends that might have come up through doing the work of self-appreciation.   (30-60 minutes)

Certification Standards:

  • To receive certification you will demonstrate your understanding of the work of self-appreciation by participating and posting regularly in the SASA FB Group.
  • Daily self-appreciation posts of your awareness, progress, and process of appreciating yourself as you go through the Leader Training Program.     
  • Participation can be done either by FB live video posts, or by written posts.

Investment Options:

  • $1800 paid in full     
    • or 3 installments of $625
    • or 2 installments of $925