Have You Been Invited to a Google Plus Hangout?

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Have you been invited to a Google Plus Hangout and you have no idea how to join in the fun?

Recently I moved my monthly Women Think and Grow Rich coaching calls from Instant Teleseminar to Google + Hangouts, and people asked, “What the heck is a Hangout and how do I join the fun?”

I’m pretty new to Google +, although I’ve had a G+ account for a few years, I haven’t really used it until I decided to do Hangouts.  I believe in the law of attraction bringing us answers to the questions we are asking, and I’ve been asking for an easier way to connect to my people  online.  Everything was becoming more difficult for me to manage, as opposed to easier.  And so I was asking for a place where I can express myself fully and connect to my empire fully.  And that is around the same time that I received my first invitation to join a Google Plus Hangout.

It’s been a journey for me to go from not knowing how to join a Hangout to hosting hangouts, and I want to share with you some getting started tips that may help you learn faster, so you can join in the fun of participating in a hangout, and someday hosting your own.

Here is a video from my friend and one of my Hangout mentors +Tom Batkin.  He helps explain the different ways to join a hangout.

Methods a Guest Can be Invited into a Hangout on Air (Video)”3:26 mins

Preparation for Hangout on Air (Checklist and Video) 6:09 mins

A.  Find me on Google+ and let me know you want to be invited to the next LIVE Hangout.

B.  Register to be reminded each week at EmpireBuildingHangout.com

C. Check out the Event Calendar where I list all of my vitural and live events.

There are lots of options for you to participate.

I know it can seem complicated and a bit overwhelming, however I hope to make it super easy for you to watch, comment and engage in Hangouts with me or other Hangout hosts.

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