"My Clients Are Rule Breakers, Way Showers, and Edge Riders Who Are Motivated By Freedom and Hate Feeling Trapped or Confined By Their Work AND YET You Know... 

You Are Being Called Into Leadership.  

You Feel A Deep Yearning To  Activate Your DNA Superpowers And Fulfill Your Divine Purpose....
but everytime you step into it, you find yourself pulling back, disengaging, and even trying to escape.    

My clients are on the leading edge with their work and they've always been lightyears ahead of their time.    They have explored the deep waves of the unknown as seekers, guides, and change agents.  They are masters at tuning into universal intellegence to receive beautiful downloads of truth and guidance for their clients and their teams,  and they are tired of doing it alone.          

You know you have to follow your inner guidance and know yourself deeply in order to fulfill your life purpose.  You feel called to collaborate with other great leaders and messengers who are also on the leading edge with their work, and bringing forth deeper awareness about who we are, and what it takes to fulfill our divine destiny.   You feel called to intimate levels of communitcaiton, authenticity, and fearlessness in witnessing the greatness of others and being witnessed by others who are here to make global change.   

Where Are You Now?

I'm stepping in deeper to my own work as a Luminary Leader and a way shower shedding light on an area that, to my knowledge, no one else is talking about.   It is the actually energy signature of who we are (as an aspect of divinity) and what we are designed to activate, turn on, and light up in the world around us.   I call this energetic wisdom of who we are our DNA ACTIVATION CODE.  It is actually about Activating and Turning on the dormant DNA in ourselves and helping others do the same.  

There is a technology and tool that I've been shown through my inner guidance and have practiced for over 2 years every day that transforms us and allows us to self-actualize, it is very practical and most people know about it but people don't understand that it is the fuel for our own life force energy and evolution.  (Science is proving it to be true, I don't need to. The people I work with get the power of this technology.)  

I believe that your Activation Code, the energy signature of who you are, is designed to activate Divine Natural Alignment (DNA) in those you interact with on a daily basis as well as activate the DNA of soul family, your tribe.

The technology and tool that I've been intuitively guided to practice every day for over 2 years, activates and turns on our own DNA.  It keeps our energy field clean, and allows us to self-actualize.   It is so practical and easy.   Most luminary guides and coaches know about it but people don't understand that it is the fuel for our own life force energy and evolution.  Science is proving it to be true, there are new reports and studies being released as you read this.   The clients I work with don't need to read the studies, or have me prove it to them, they are experiencing the power of this technology in their own lives. 

Eventually I'll share more of the research as it becomes more and more available.

When you are connected to your own energtic codes and you have access to this organic natural fuel, you begin to not only feel energized, you feel the deep truth of who you are and you connect with deep wisdom that is within you that is designed to help you flourish and thrive as a luminary light leading others to their own activation and awareness.