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Join author Dawn Nocera to discover how to let go of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and self-judgment and reveal the deepest truth of who you are at a soul level. You’ll also learn powerful tools from her 12 Seeds of Wisdom course based on proven transformational tools and ancient wisdom to reprogram your beliefs about who you are so you can be the mentor and leader you are designed to be.

In this workshop you will:

  • Indentify your wisdom personality and understand how you activate your deepest soul truth so you can effortlessly express it.
  • Develop a wisdom mindset that allows you to be the guide, mentor, and influence you are designed to be.
  • Learn Dawn’s transformational SASA technique to activate your deepest wisdom and most valuable gifts. Align your soul and conscious mind to allow for ease and fluid growth.

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5 Simple Steps To Activate Your Deepest Wisdom

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Dive Deep Into Your Inate Wisdom and Self-Awareness.    

Dawn’s 12 Seeds of Wealth & Wisdom Program helps you cultivate an abundant attitude by discovering the hidden treasures in the following areas:

* Your Purpose
* Your Relationships
* Your Intellect
* Your Health
* Your Faith
* Your Habits…
And more!

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By Dawn Nocera


If this is your first time here or you’ve been here many times, I appreciate you for visiting and exploring the content and offerings I share on this site.

I believe that each of us has wisdom from our life experiences and through insights and observation.  I believe that we also carry with us energetic wisdom that activates the world around us.   I believe that when we understand our own energy (what I call our Activation Code) and align it with our wisdom, we can make a huge impact to change and transform the world.

It is my intention to help you bridge the gap between where ever you are in life and making the impact that you are designed to make in the world.