Let Me Help You Take Ownership Of Your Luminary Life

   Discover how to master your mind, transmute your emotions, and activate divine thought.

   Learn what is really involved in taking ownership of your luminary life.

   Grow in awareness of the many ways you and your work activate alignment in the world around you.

I’ve met many coaches, Dawn Nocera is the real deal. Her on-going guidance has put me on the fast track. She changes my thinking, she’ll positively change yours.”  – Darren LaCroix, Professional Speaker Coach, World Champion of Public Speaking

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

“I know my coaching is worth more than I am currently charging.”  

“I”m worried if I charge what I’m really worth,  I will lose clients.”  

“I feel like I’m working hard and doing the right things, and not making enough money.  What I really want is to work more deeply with my clients AND make more money.” 

The Best of Business & Life Coaching

Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by!

There are no accidents or chance meetings in life and I believe that we are divinely guided in all we do.  If you found your way here, there is a reason.  It might be to read one of the articles that leads you to an A-ha! moment, or it very well may be because you need a trusted adviser that is capable of helping you simplify success and hold the vision for your future.

My passion is to help you as a luminary and conscious entrepreneur gain true appreciation for your gifts, and talents, activate your supernatural potential, and succeed in the areas where you are struggling.   I want to help you activate your superpowers and create an empire that profitably supports what you are called to do.  

Some of the specific problems that I can help you solve are:

1.   What it takes to charge what you are worth.
In addition to creating and sustaining an abundance mindset, I’ll help you own your worth as you step into new levels of income and influence.  I help you create meaningful high value coaching and mastermind programs that get real results for your clients.   I am deeply familiar with all of the invisible fences that create resistance to easy and effortless empire building.  I’ve traveled the luminary path, I know how difficult this one can seem.  (However, it is so much esier than you think!)

2.  Accepting there is a best way for YOU to attract a continuous stream of new clients. 
Unlike other coaches, I help you discover YOUR best way to connect with your ideal clients.  I hold your hand through the process of finding YOUR sustainable client attraction system and help you create an amazing relationship with your results.  You will love discovering how using a spiritual approach to growing your business, makes all the difference in the world!

3.  Honoring your sacred self – contracts with your time & money, and keeping things simple and easy.  
I’ll help you SERVE more clients and work far less than you are right now.  I’ll help you activate your sacred calendar to support you and your clients’ results.  I share what works for me and other clients, and I will help you stay away from distractions that will get in the way of #1 and #2.  I’ve been there, and I can tell you that some of the best marketing tools are the biggest distraction for a lot of amazing coaches.

If your deepest desire is to find a coach and mentor who can help activate your next level of growth and potential and stand by you as you walk the initiates’ journey to manifest your potential, I can help.

You were born great and I want to help you activate the spirit of greatness that you were born to express.

When you are ready to breakdown the invisible fences that stop you from creating true freedom, and you are ready to own your true power in life, let’s talk.

Until then, I have an abundance of resources here on my site, and courses that can help you activate your power of thought, grow your authentic wealth, and manifest sustainable empires with ease and grace.