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Discover Your  Deepest Wisdom

Dive Deep Into Your Inate Wisdom and Self-Awareness.    

Dawn's 12 Seeds of Wealth & Wisdom Program helps you cultivate an abundant attitude by discovering the hidden treasures in the following areas:

* Your Purpose
* Your Relationships 
* Your Intellect
* Your Health
* Your Faith
* Your Habits... 
   And more!  

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Your Mental Superpowers

Dawn's 7 Keys to Freedom Program will help you Develop the superpowers of your mind to think clearly, and help you achieve new heights in self-awareness, personal achievement and spiritual awareness.

* Memory 
* Will
* Perception
* Intuition
* Imagination
* Reason

Bonus: Masterminding

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Activate Your Empire

Abundance is a natural result of sharing your deepest wisdom and truth. 

Dawn's Empire Building program walks you through the foundations of:
* Creating Ease
* Meaningful Offers
* Preparing to Profit
* Inspiring Action
* Relationship Building
* Sustainable Expansion   

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Maverick Leadership Without Compromising
Your Freedom

Abundance is a natural result of sharing your deepest wisdom and truth. 

Learn more about Maverick Leadership here.  And request a free consultation if you feel called to work with me to unleash your power as an edge rider, way shower, and wisdom bearer.  

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Activation Code Session

When you are making a big shift in your life and you want a session that reveals your soul's purpose and helps you understand yourself and why things still trigger you! 

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Activation Code - Level I Classes

Disocver how you activate the world around you.  Learn how to stay activated, and honor soul contracts even when you are triggered!

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The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation

Dive deep into transformational work that creates lasting change, healing, and resets your connection to your intuition, confidence, and compassion.   

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Activating Abundance

Move through fear, limiting beliefs, and scarcity consciousness with an abundance coach. 

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What Others Say...

"Learning about my activations was life changing.  Dawn is highly intuitive, brilliant, smart and fully committed to helping people know the truth of who they are through their activations.  I've never met anybody who can see this so clearly and precisely and is willing to stay in the conversation so that, for me, I really get it.  Daily.  

-Pamelah Landers, Expert Master Hand Analyst, Relationship Expert, California

"I've met many life coaches, Dawn Nocera is the real deal.  Her ongoing guidance has put me on the fast track.   She changes my thinking, she will positively change yours."

-Darren LaCroix, Professional Speaker, World Champion of Public Speaking, Nevada

"Knowing what you activate brings with it a transmission of deep inner peace."

-Jeffrey VanDyk, Tribal Marketing, California

"Dawn is the Secret.  When I met Dawn, calmness was brought to my very dramatic situation.  While I was filming Dawn and Alex, for MTV's Made, she helped me to think clearly and positively.  Her energy is contageous."

--Jill, Producer for MTV, New York